Vancouver Island West: Winter Harbour to Tofino

July 30 - August 11, 2004


Winter Harbour (1)
Julian Cove (2)
Klaskisk Basin (3)
West Nook, Bunsby Islands (4)
Power River Anchorage (5)
Dixie Cove (6)
Queen Cove (7)
Bodega Cove (8)
Friendly Cove (9)
Hot Springs Cove (10)
West Whitepine Cove (11)
Cannery Cove (12)
Tranquilito Cove (13)
Tofino (14)

Aboard:Tom Hall & Liz McLoughlin

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Friendly Cove, Nootka
Hot Springs Cove
Obstructions for the Unwary

Crabs from the Pros
Sun & Moon


Summary Log for this Leg (7)

Summary Log for Leg 7: Although locals warned of heavy fog here in August, we found wonderful, sunny, warm weather in this stretch of West Vancouver Island. We anchored in coves steeped in post-Contact history, such as Friendly Cove in Nootka Sound, territory of Chief Maquinna and his band, and visited by Captains Cook, Vancouver & Bodega y Quadra. We enjoyed Hot Springs Cove along with many tourists who arrived by float plane or high-speed boat. However, mostly we followed sinuous, protected/inland passages and explored fascinating nooks & crannies by kayak, with short excursions out into the ocean to round headlands. We did see evidence of much more logging than in previous areas (massive clearcuts and slides) and many, many salmon and oyster farms. While commercial fishing is dwindling, small charter sport fishing boats abound. We have lots of time for reading: aloud, silently and digitally, and for just plain enjoying each other’s company.

Leg 7 stats: 13 days total, 12 travel days (43.1 hours of motoring averaging 3.6 hours per travel day), 276.2 miles covered at an average speed of 6.4 knots; 1 night at Tofino dock.

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